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We stock a large selection of materials that can be used to frame your work, whether it is to display a treasured photograph in your own home, if you are a professional artist or photographer with a view to displaying work for an exhibition, or if you would like to preserve needlework or embroidery, FRAME IT has the right solution for your display requirements.

We tailor our service to your needs and offer friendly and professional advice to help you find the framing solution that is best for you. Below is a list of some of the services we can offer, please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

Dry Mounting: The process of bonding photos and prints on to any substrate e.g.: card, foam board, MDF, hardboard etc. This bonds the image or photograph to a firm backing in order for it to be displayed correctly. This service is suited to prints and photographs, such as family portraits, poster prints, or any large printed artwork. Dry mounting prevents the image from “bubbling” beneath the glass and therefore preserves it for a longer display life.

Heatsealing: Over-laminating photos and prints with heat-activated films. This protects and enhances the work, No glass is required when framing so it is ideal when safety is a factor, such as in areas of high traffic, or small children are present. Finishes available are glass, satin, matte, sand texture, fine linen, coarse linen or canvas texture. This service is again best suited for prints or photos, and offers and interesting alternative to glass.

Mounts: We offer a great selection of mount board and this can be cut for photographers and artists to mount their work ready for sale. Please contact us for more details.

Canvas Stretching: Art and prints on canvas stretched on to either 20mm (standard) or 40mm (gallery) stretcher frame. Any size catered for.

Block Mounting: For displaying posters or prints for private or business use, block mounting is an alternative method of presentation. Posters or prints can be mounted on to MDF or foam board and finished with a matt, non-reflective laminate coating.